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At Nextek Systems our core focus is on providing SAAS based solution to industrial and commercial laundries. Through our flagship product Linen Tech, we provide and end to end ERP solution to commercial laundries that helps them automate and optimise almost all aspects of their management operations. In addition to our core product; Linen Tech we also provide industrial laundries flexible IT outsourcing model with which their website site development and digital marketing can be implemented efficiently and in a cost effective way.

Our product Linen Tech is developed with core focus on following key area of industrial laundries

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Automation Systems
  • Financial Data Analysis and Forecasting
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Route Management
  • Client Relation Management
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About Us


Since 2016, Nextek systems has collaborated with commercial laundries and linen hire businesses to develop an ERP solution that helps them optimise their business operations.

Mobile Applications for laundry managers

Real time reports and metrics are key to laundry managers for making day to day operational decisions. Through our mobile applications for laundry managers, we ensure they have hands on data to make key day to day operational decision for running the laundry.

Commercial Laundry Consulting

Our team of commercial laundry analysts with over a 100 years of combined experience in commercial laundry industry is able to offer invaluable consultancy services to industrial laundries struggling with various important aspects of their laundry management operations.

Customizable software solution for Industrial laundries

At Nextek Systems, we are problem solvers and above all we love new challenges. Thus we love to work with laundries that are facing difficulties ranging from their supply chain to their production management. Through our customizable laundry software solution, we ensure laundries are able to pin point their problem areas and identify solutions that can help them eradicate performance bottlenecks.

Our Team


At Nextek Systems our core IT team consists of software architects, developers, interface designers, database admins and quality assurance analysts. Our IT team works in close coordination with our business analysts who have years of experience in commercial laundry industry. With this diverse skillset and experience along with consistent feedback from our customers we are working to make Linen Tech a perfect commercial laundry management solution.


From websites to mobile apps, we create digital products that bring your ideas to life, delight your users and help you achieve your goals.


Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software. The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries. Linen Tech software is really a one stop shop for a laundry's client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more.

Client: Nextek Systems
Category: Software Development
Date: 16 March 2016
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  • Customizing each tracking and billing experience for each account using Linen Tech has benefitted our customer’s needs and wants immensely. The team at Linen Tech is open to customizing every commercial laundry partner’s experience. We are very thankful for the time and dedication they share with with us in constantly improving our production needs.

    Steven Rudick
    Clean & Fresh

  • Since we have switched over to Linen Tech it has been night and day for productivity as a company. Tracking linen and billing is a seamless experience that works well with all of our operational needs..

    Matt Moss
    Mastel linens

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